You will need 1 or  2 of the following documents to be verified on Digital ID: 

A valid Australian Driver Licence

All Australian Driver licences including learner’s permits and probationary licences can be verified. All active, disqualified and suspended licences will also be accepted.

A valid Australian Passport

Australian Passports can be verified up to three years after the expiry date.

A valid International Passport with a valid Australian Visa

If you wish to verify using a Foreign Passport you'll need to ensure you have a valid Australia Visa as well. A valid Australian Visa can be an electronic visa that's issued when you arrive in Australia. These are issued to people from New Zealand and some other countries.

If you're a dual citizen and have both an Australian Passport and a Foreign Passport, you can only verify your identity using your Australian Passport.

A valid Medicare card

Green, blue and yellow cards can be verified. Make sure you use your most current Medicare card.